What to expect when you come to a service?


Families will be at the door to great you and to show you where the rest rooms and nursery are.
People dress casual though some may choose to dress up. Either is fine.
The worship is a mix of hymns and modern praise music with many types of instruments like piano, drums and guitars.


Children will have an opportunity to go to a Children’s Service designed for their age level after the corporate worship if they chose to.
The preaching is biblical Pentecostal life transforming preaching on the entire Bible with application for today.
There is always an alter call at the end of the service for people to come up for prayer and just linger at the altar if they chose.
People who are sick and want to be prayed for may experience their healing according to James 5:14-15
Other expressions of the gifts of the Holy Spirit may be manifested such as tongues and interpretations, a word of wisdom or knowledge, miracles, etc According to 1 Corinthians 12

Church begins at 10:30 Am. Since we are a Holy Spirit-led church, we never close the service but allow people time to stay as long as they want and leave when they feel they have met with God. However most of the time the service is over between 12:00-12:30pm.
The Sunday evening service at 6:00PM is not a repeat of the morning service but a completely different service, with time for worship, the preaching of the Word, prayer and testimonies.