Our Ministries

We are looking for people to help build these ministries.

Get In The Kid Zone

WE LOVE OUR KIDS! They are a number one priority! So we are given them our best leaders to help them grow in their relationship with Jesus! Kids have very different challenges today than the adults do, so they need extra special attention to develop and encourage a life of loving, knowing and staying in relationship with Jesus. That’s what we are about!

Small Group Studies

Disciplship is the key to staying strong in the Lord and finishing the race. After our launch day, September 20, 2015, we will be training up leaders to run small groups. We anticiapte the groups will be starting in January 2016.

Children’s Church

Our children have the ability to understand and move in the Spirit just like adults. Childrens church is a service designed at their level yet full of the presence an power of the Holy Spirit. They will participate in worship an hear the Word of God. They will learn to pray and have a time of prayer at the altar. Our children are the greatest gift to the church and God’s disciples for today!. We give them our very best so that they can become their very best for Jesus! Thank you … more

Youth Group